Campbellsville Industries Aluminum Weathervanes

Campbellsville Industries has stock aluminum weathervanes that are moderately priced, and are hand cast from aluminum to exacting details. Weathervanes are finished with a satin black baked-on enamel finish except balls and ornaments on the WV-6 and WV-8, which have a gold bronze decorative finish. Adjustable base is shipped with the weathervane, unless otherwise specified.

Our aluminum weathervanes can be adapted to any Campbellsville steeple or cupola on request. Custom weathervanes are available to your design and dimensions. Copper weathervanes are shown below.



Weathervane Model Number: WV-3 WV-6 WV-8
Overall Length: 24" 30" 46"
Arrow Length: 18" 24" 33"
Directional Letter Height: 3" 3 1/2" 4"
Ball Size: N/A 2" and 3" 3" and 4"
Ornaments Available: Eagle, Rooster, Duck, Horse, Country Doctor Eagle, Rooster, Horse, Sulky Eagle, Rooster, Horse, Yacht

Campbellsville Industries Copper Weathervanes (Click On Image For Larger View)

Eagle Banner Flag Horse Schooner
W-21E W-21EP W-25B, W-25BP W-30F, W-30FP W-33H, W-33HP W-S, W-SP
21" L x 17" H x 4"D 25" L x 19" H 30" L x 15" H 33" L x 18" H x 4" D 25" L x 21" H

Small Weathervanes

Eagle Flag Horse Golfer Fireman's Hat & Bugle
W-10E, W-10EP W-24F W-15H, W-15HP W-G, W-GP W-FH, W-FHP
Arrow 18" Long   Arrow 21" Long 9" L x 14.5" H 5" L x 13" H
        Arrow: 21" Long

Campbellsville Industries offers beautiful copper weathervanes are fabricated from copper and brass, with distinctive full-bodied copper ornaments that will add the "crowning touch" to your project. Our copper weathervanes are shown in both a large and smaller size to fit the larger commercial or institutional project, but also there are selections just right for the residential home owner. Weathervanes come in either a natural patina green finish for that traditional "aged copper" look, or a polished copper finish (shown with "P" at the end of the model number). The colorful American flag comes in the patriotic red, white and blue enamel as shown. These copper weathervanes can complement any of our standard Campbellsville steeples or cupolas, or your own project. Call Campbellsville for pricing at: 800-467-8135.

Campbellsville Industries Custom Weathervanes

If you require a special weathervane to meet a unique application, let our creative designers and artisans assist you. Send us your sketches and ideas for prompt pricing. Aluminum with enamel finishes, copper and lead-coated copper with natural finish, or a 23.5 K gold leaf finish is available on all custom weathervanes.

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