Series "M" Stock Steeple Designs


Model: Height: Width: Estimated Weight:
M-205 16'-0" 2'-6" 143
  20'-0" 3'-6" 208
  24'-0" 3'-6"     236     
M-210 20'-0" 3'-2" 367
M-310 22'-6" 4'-6" 385
M-315 25'-0" 5'-6" 536
M-320 26'-0" 4'-6" 490
M-410 39'-6" 6'-0" 1071
M-415 23'-6" 3'-0" 497
  30'-0" 4'-0" 645
M-450 22'-9" 7'-2" 507
M-500 25'-0" 5'-0" 582
M-510 27'-0" 4'-6" 714
M-550 36'-0" 6'-4" 1162
M-570 30'-0" 5'-6" 792

Campbellsville steeples are furnished with lightning protection cable to base. A weathervane, finial, or cross is optional.
All steeples are adaptable to pitched or flat roofs. Structural framework utilizes structural alloy 6061-T6 aluminum angle
extrusions, covered with .032" aluminum in your choice of any of our stock baked-on Kynar finishes. Other finishes such
as copper, lead coated copper, Altrista zinc, and non-stock Kynar finishes are available at additional cost. If you do not
see a steeple that meets your needs Campbellsville can also provide custom fabrication to your design criteria. Simply
fax or e-mail us a drawing of your design and we will provide a prompt quotation. You may also want to consider our
Free Design Service to help you in designing a steeple that is just right for your architectural style and jobsite require-
ments. If an engineer's stamp is required on the final steeple shop drawings and anchor details, this can be provided at
additional cost. We must be notified that the steeple is to be engineered before the preparation of the shop drawings.


Copyright 1975 Campbellsville Industries, Inc. All designs are the copyrighted property of Campbellsville Industries. All rights reserved.

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