9-11 Memorial Clock Tower / Somerville, NJ


"Time To Remember"

        Campbellsville Industries is proud to have been asked to furnish the 9-11 Memorial Clock Tower in Somerville, NJ, in honor of those that lost their lives on September 11th terrorist attacks. This beautiful tower was designed by the Musial Group and the construction of the public site was done by Skinner and Cook Construction Company. The tower is fabricated from galvanized steel tube, and has an illuminated 4-way clock system. The memorial's cast aluminum letters invites the viewer to pause and take "Time to Remember" these individuals lost in this tragedy.




Tornado Destroys County Landmark       

        An F3 tornado roared through downtown Clarksville, Tennessee, at 4:15 AM on the morning of January 22, 1999. The town awoke to find that a 5 block area of downtown now resembled the aftermath of a World War II bombing raid, and the wake of the tornado's destruction had left their historic courthouse in ruins. The architectural firm of Lyle-Cook-Martin in Clarksville was called upon to coordinate the restoration efforts, along with the construction firm of R. C. Matthews from Nashville. The historic courthouse restoration project has received five local, state and national awards from the Associated Builders and Contractors and the American Institute of Architects. The original exterior features have been reproduced with modern materials to create an inspiring historic restoration. Campbellsville Industries fabricated the ornate clock tower, clock system, paneled railing, cornice and corner pinnacles. No other building in Middle Tennessee has been as painstakingly restored and transformed. This courthouse building with all of its new systems and sophisticated electronics will serve as a focal point for this community for the next 100 years while retaining the tradition and style of its unique heritage.



Montgomery County Courthouse / Clarksville, Tennessee



Southeast Christian Church / Louisville, Kentucky



40' Stainless Steel and Aluminum Contemporary Cross

        Founded in 1962 as a small church meeting in an elementary school, Southeast Christian Church is still serving the Louisville area today. And though the congregation has now grown to nearly 25,000 people, the 40-foot cross atop the sanctuary is a constant reminder of the church's mission: To evangelize the lost, edify the saved, minister to those in need, and be a conscience in the community - all in the name of Jesus Christ. To add to the powerful symbolism of the giant cross, it is also interesting to note that the cross actually serves as the keystone for the entire building, without which it could not stand
                                                                  -Southeast Christian Church.
C.I. Note: Southeast Christian Church is now the largest church in Kentucky.




229' Steeple in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records

        This magnificent 229' steeple that was listed in 1990 Guinness Book of World Records as the largest prefabricated church steeple. The steeple was left off in the original church construction, due to a nearby airport. When the airport was moved some years later, the church elected to finish the architect's original design and add the steeple to their sanctuary.

        This magnificent steeple contains a 48 cast bronze bell carillon, a heated and air conditioned carillonneur's room located below the bells, and a 90' elevator to service the room. The steeple has an inner steel framework, with a secondary structural aluminum angle framework--all covered with a .027" self-weathering zinc alloy that will have a slate-gray patina. The 229' steeple is the largest prefabricated steeple in the world, and was fabricated by Campbellsville Industries, Inc.--"The Steeple People...PLUS!". Campbellsville assures your church that we use the same quality materials and craftsmanship in our smaller steeples as we used for the world's largest prefabricated steeple.


World's Largest Prefabricated Church Steeple

First Baptist Church / Huntsville, Alabama



O'Charley's Restaurant Chooses Campbellsville Cornice


        Campbellsville was asked to help this restaurant franchise help in the design of their exterior cornice facade. The cornice was fabricated to the architect's profile out of .032" aluminum with a baked-on Kynar finish for durability, had featured a single horizontal row of accent neon lighting on previous products. The franchise had tried other materials that had required a double row of horizontal neon lighting to achieve the desired degree of illumination. Campbellsville's unique baked-on Kynar finish was reflective enough to allow only one row of neon and yet get the same brilliance as before. The owner saved half of they had been budgeting on neon by going with the Campbellsville cornice system.





        "We are sort of patching what had been a tear in the fabric of our community," said President Steven Poskanzer at a ceremony held for the occasion in the Old Main Building. "It is great to have the tower back where it belongs."

This decorative clock tower is a replica that replaced the original tower, which was built in 1932 and destroyed by fire in 1990. It has a five-foot diameter clock face on four sides, with Roman numerals. It also includes a spire and many of the decorative elements found on the original tower, such as pilasters, columns, cornices and urns. The new tower was engineered and fabricated by Campbellsville Industries Inc.

General Contractor: Glomar Construction, Inc., New Windsor, NY

Architect: Hall Partnership Architects, LLP, New York, NY

  • Gillet (Gil) Lefferts, FAIA, Project Architect
  • Steve Rose, Site Representative

College Representatives: SUNY New Paltz

  • Johanna D'Aleo: Vice President of Administration
  • John Shupe: Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management
  • Dale Coon: Project Coordinator


Clock Tower

van den Berg Learning Center / New Paltz, NY
State University of New York






Steeple with Copper Shingles and Crockets

Cathedral of Guadalupe
Dallas, Texas




Campbellsville Industries Is Making History.....Today!

The Cathedral of Guadalupe is like many churches, in that it was originally designed for two graceful steeples, but they were never added during the original construction. This happens due to construction costs, strained budgets, a lack of craftsman, etc.

Campbellsville Industries worked closely with the architect, Architexas, and the prime contractor, Andres Construction Services (both of Dallas), to replicate this one of two ornate copper spires to be added to the vacant masonry towers—finally achieving the architect's original design and intent to this historic church. The steeple is 56'-6" tall, plus 11'-2" gold leafed cross, with a base 14'-7 3/4" wide.  The unique tear-dropped-shaped copper shingles are an exclusive architectural feature by Campbellsville, that include copper crockets at the hips and a decorative copper cap at the base of the steeple.




We Do Canopies and Marquees!

The architect for the Holt Hotel in Wichita Falls, Texas, required exacting canopy reproductions to return the building to its original elegance. Campbellsville Industries was selected to fabricate the replicas as the original canopies were removed years earlier due to deterioration. The canopies include ceilings of stamped metal panels that are authentic to the era, along with recessed lighting. The cresting is from period stampings.

Campbellsville Industries has produced canopy reproductions for the historic Walker Theater in Indianapolis, Indiana; the Victoria Centre in Indianapolis, Indiana; and marquees for the Cocoa Beach Theater in Cocoa Beach, Florida - to name a few.



Holt Hotel Canopies in Wichita Falls, Texas






Handsboro Presbyterian Church / Gulfport, Missippippi





Aluminum Steeple Replaces Wood Steeple Lost in Katrina

Campbellsville Industries installed a replica of the original wood steeple on the Handboro Presbyterian Church in Gulfport, that was destroyed by hurricane Katrina. Gulfport took a direct hit from Katrina.

"The new steeple is very light, wind resistant and "up to code", said Elder Ralph Loposser. Campbellsville Industries is one of the few steeple companies to be able to fully engineer a steeple from top to bottom by an engineer registered and licensed in the area that the steeple will be installed. Churches such as the Handsboro Presbyterian church are now enjoying traditional architectural styling, without the traditional maintenance budget and structural concerns usually associated with traditional wood materials.



Extremely Satisfied!






Mission Evangelical Church in Wausau, Wisconsin

"First of all I want to tell you that Mission Evangelical Church is extremely satisfied with our new church steeple. Your organization has been extremely satisfied with our church steeple. Your organization has been a delight to work with from day one to the final installation on September 28, 2006. Everyone agrees that the steeple looks like it has been there since we built our church in 1985.

Your installation technicians were every efficient even though I gave them incorrect directions to our church. They still arrived 1/2 hour early with a smile on their faces and were done in 2.5 hours! Apparently our construction manager followed your requirements as the steeple fit perfectly.

....It has been my personal pleasure to work with you and your staff. You guys are the best."


Dick Ostwald
Mission Evangelical Church

Steeple for Ransdell Chapel at Campbellsville University / Campbellsville, Kentucky

The installation of the Campbellsville steeple recently capped off the "Ransdell Chapel Day of Prayer", as part of their Centennial Celebration marking 100 years of excellence in education in the community. The day began with a prayer breakfast, then a cornerstone/time capsule setting ceremony, the planting of two living memorial trees (one honoring the late president of Campbellsville Industries-Dr. Jerry Bennett), the installation of the steeple, and ending with a candle lit tour of the chapel in the evening. The new chapel is a state-of-the-art chapel that is an architectural exclamation mark for the campus, as it can be seen from the local town, helping to spotlight the campus in the community and as the center of its spiritual objectives. The steeple is a perfect blend of modern architecture, with its simple lines repeating the architectural patterns appearing in the masonry of the building below. Photos of the steeple installation can be viewed at right.

Crowning the Centennial Celebration!

A Memorial for Carmen Culpeper Chappell





Carmen Culpeper Chappell  Centennial Campanile Tower
for University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA

This campanile tower houses cast bronze bells by the Paccard-Fonderie de Cloches bell foundry, and was built in memorial for John Chappell's wife, Carmen, who died early of breast cancer. To celebrate her life, her love of learning and her loyalty to Mary Washington, the Chappell family searched for ways to honor Carmen’s memory. Two diverse projects emerged: funding of the Great Lives Lecture Series and construction of a bell tower, or campanile, in commemoration of the University’s centennial. “I know Carmen would love to be able to add to the overall campus experience,” John Chappell said. “As a focal point on campus, I think the Centennial campanile will be visually appealing and perhaps spiritually uplifting.”

Bob Boynton of Boynton Rothschild Rowland Architects in Richmond, VA, designed this beautiful 37'-8" tall clock tower, plus 5'-3" high finial, on a free standing masonry tower. The General Contractor was Gulf Seaboard out of Ashland, VA. Read more about the memorial by clicking on this link to the tower at the University of Mary Washington.

Meshach's Carpenters Rebuild Church in Eight Days

Meshach's Carpenter's broke ground on Father's Day, and five days later a Campbellsville aluminum steeple was in place atop the new Pearlington United Methodist Church. Meshach's Carpenters began as a Volunteer in Mission Team from Goldston, N.C., organized in 1900 after Hurricane Floyd flooded many homes in North Carolina. Starting with a group of 20, Meshach's Carpenters now have more than 100 volunteers, and the group has grown from two churches to more than 30 churches, including other denominations.

Pearlington was one of the hardest hit communities from hurricane Katrina's damage, and many homes and businesses were flooded and lost. Campbellsville Industries has furnished two steeples for the Meshach's church rebuilding ministry.

Pearlington UMC in Pearlington, MS

Oriole Park at Camden Yards


Campbellsville Hits a Home Run at Camden Yards

Historic Camden Station was chosen as the home for the stadium of the Baltimore Orioles. The mayor of the city wanted to keep this historic portion of the city intact, and a major renovation began on the Camden Station. Campbellsville was chosen to provide the replica cupolas, with the large cupola measuring 78'-4" tall with a 20'-0" square base, and the smaller cupolas measuring 25'-0" high with bases 11'-0" wide.

The historic building is now occupied by two museums, the "Babe Ruth Museum" and the "Sports Legends at Camden Yards Museum", with the Baltimore Orioles baseball stadium constructed directly behind the museums. The building is located only two blocks from the birthplace of legendary George Herman "Babe" Ruth.

"The Library That Faith Built!"

“The building behind me is just a building,” Billy Graham told the audience during the library’s dedication service, “It’s an instrument, a tool for the Gospel. The primary thing is the Gospel of Christ.”
The library serves as the repository for and in honor of Graham’s work and life, the 40,000-square-foot, $27 million complex offers visitors a look at “Graham’s historic evangelistic events, his use of radio, television, and films to reach out to millions of people around the world, meetings with presidents from Truman to the current president, and other world leaders, and a fascination glimpse into his personal life.”
The library is located on 63 acres in Charlotte that includes the Graham family homestead and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA) international headquarters and features an array of multimedia displays including rare film footage and photographs. Housing six exhibits, four galleries, and two theaters, it offers visitors more than a glimpse into Graham’s dedication to Christianity. The visitor can also enjoy the bookstore, Ruth’s Attic, and the Graham Bros. Dairy Bar, a café featuring snacks and dairy deserts.
The dairy barn theme is reminiscent of the dairy farm that Graham grew up on as a boy, and was located only a few miles away. Campbellsville Industries was chosen to fabricate the aluminum cupolas for the library. Each cupola is 7’-3 high, and 6’ square at the base, with a black aluminum roof and base. The mid-section contains wood louvers which were stained to match the wood stain of the building below.

The Billy Graham Library / Charlotte, North Carolina

(Click on the photos to enlarge)







Hoboken Terminal Clock Tower - Phase 1


Hoboken Terminal Turns 100

The restoration of The Hoboken Ferry Terminal, includes the reconstruction of the famous clock tower. The Phase 1 of the ornate 154' tower (shown at left), is completely clad in ornamental copper, that originally gave both an elegant appearance and contributed to its fireproof qualities. The tower was part of a new terminal which opened in 1907, and the tower was later taken down in the early 1950's after enduring structural and weather damage. Campbellsville Industries, the oldest and largest steeple and tower manufacturer in the United States, was commissioned to replicate the tower.  The 4' high copper letter spell out "LACKAWANNA", as the terminal originally serviced the Lackawanna Railroad as well as the Ferry. The letters will be illuminated by a fiber optic light system.

Phase 2

Phase 3




St. Patrick's Church / Toledo, Ohio
Campbellsville Industries faithfully reproduced the old copper steeple, working from old photographs of the previous steeple taken before it burned 27 years earlier. The 85 ft. steeple has simulated copper shingles and ornate ball below the 14 ft. high cross which was given a 23 1/2 K gold leaf finish. The copper surfaces were chemically treated to accelerate the natural green patina of the copper

Steeple Returned Once Again to Skyline

Cell Phone Steeple

Naperville Congregational Church / Naperville, IL
The Naperville Congregational Church had an existing Campbellsville steeple that was installed years ago. A cellular telephone company approached the church about the possibility of locating their cellular phone antenna in the church steeple. The church came back to Campbellsville to help with the logistics of removing the existing steeple, and transporting it back to the factory for retrofitting for the antenna. This consisted of reworking the spire structure to support the antenna, and using composite panels to surround the antenna section that would allow the transmission of the cellular phone signal. The steeple was then transported back to the church site and reinstalled by Campbellsville's trained installation crew. All in time for prescheduled Christmas weddings in the church.

Bevill Community College / Fayette, AL
This unique cupola was designed by architect Harry Williams, PH&J Architects in Montgomery, AL. The cupola was 18'-0 1/4" tall, with a 20'-9 1/2" wide cupola. The tower that the cupola was anchored presented special problems in that the roof was on a 8 1/2 / 12 roof slope. The cupola has three clocks 4'-6" diameter, with neon illumination.

Cupola and Clocks


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