"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me."   - John 12:32.

Campbellsville Industries provides crosses for churches, schools, colleges, universities, and residential applications. Our crosses are fabricated from all aluminum extrusions, insuring  the purchaser of years of trouble-free service. No more rotting wood, rusting steel, or cracked and yellowed fiberglass to distract from the beauty of the church and the meaning behind the cross. These are the most durable exterior crosses on the market.

Crosses may be roof mounted, wall mounted, or even free-standing. Your church cross can come in a wide variety of exterior finishes, including our stock colors, a custom enamel finish matched to your color swatch, wrapped in actual copper, lead coated copper, or given a 23 1/2 K gold leaf finish. We have provided custom crosses for all types of applications as well as all sizes and types of design. Contact Campbellsville at 800-467-8135, for an estimate on a cross for your cross.

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Unique Cross Photograph:

        We are pleased to share with you a very unique photograph of a cross. Billy Beard, one of our shop employees, attends the Edmonton House of Prayer Apostolic Church in Edmonton, Ky. Billy recently brought us a photograph that was taken at night of the wall mounted cross that we built for his church. The photo was taken by Jason Morgan, another member of their church. The cross is a standard wall mounted cross which is illuminated by fluorescent tubes from inside the open rear of the cross, and is designed to give a soft glow or halo effect on the wall around the perimeter edge of the cross.

        However, this is what he found when he received his photographs back from the developer. Note that the camera is not moving as the cars and building would be blurred if that had happened. Click on the photograph to get a larger view of the cross. The photograph is the copyrighted property of Jason Morgan. Bro. Carl Elmore is Pastor.


"And the sight of the glory of the LORD was like devouring fire on the top of the mount in the eyes of the children of Israel. " - Exodus 24:17.



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